Before being a company Maglificio Liliana is a family.
It is an intrigueing love affair for knitwear started in 1969 by Egidio Lorenzoni and his wife Liliana with skilful productions that soon created a buzz around.
It is all about passion and care for every single garment that continues up to our days with the kids, Andrea, Elisa and Monica, who took over the business and still keep going on the same original track with the same skills, passion and love.
The company run by the children got bigger and bigger featuring a more precise look, becoming important all over the world with its "Made in Italy" brands.
The goal of the company is to produce every single unit with the utmost possible care and quality, accomplishing different markets. Research and passion melt and renew season after season creating updated, fashioned lines for consumers, who are always looking for the latest "made in Italy" fashion items.